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This site is full of free interesting printable worksheets for preschool kids.

Handwriting Practice
Worksheets with colorful pictures and practice uppercase and lowercase letters.  For more examples, click on the "A B C" button on the left.


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Connect the dots (lowercase abc)




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Number Worksheets.
Preschool kids has surprisingly good capability to recognize the actual number of objects by their eyes.

These sheets are  designed to help kids to trace the numbers and as well as count them.

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Number Concept and Review
Monkey and Bananas 1
Monkey and Bananas 2



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Categorization Worksheets
These worksheets help kids to develop concepts of same and different.  They also teaches kids to categorize things with similar characters, such as transportation, cloth and fruits, etc. 

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Pattern Recognition Worksheets
Pattern recognition activities require children to observe and continue patterns.  The activities prepare them for learning numbers and solve math problems.  These pattern worksheets help children develop skills of recognizing patterns and math.

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Fine Motor Skills Worksheets
Help kids develop their fine motor skills by using scissors and drawing lines .



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